What is Responsive Flame Technology?

Beat to Music “Responsive Flame Technology” synthesizes your music to flickering fire in perfect harmony for enchanting entertainment with incredible sound.


Can I use Ukiah firepits during fire burn-bans?

All UKIAH fire pits are safe to use during most fire burn-bans. Confirm with your local USFS ranger station beforehand. Use responsibly and exercise caution.


How do I connect my phone/tablet?

All UKIAH products are Bluetooth® capable and have an average range of 60ft depending on environmental factors. Simply select the product from the device list in the wireless options.


Can I use the Tailgater I/II outside in inclement weather?

All UKIAH products are weather resistant and use marine grade speakers for outdoor use with light moisture protection.


How good are your speakers compared to others?

Our patented sound systems are truly incredible, rivaling sound quality produced by top competitors. Hear it for yourself…